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and wait until you see what happens when mitt romney found himself confronted with a difficult question at the huckabee forum this weekend. >> this week, president obama's administration again cut his benefits. sir, will you look me in the eye, tell me, who will be taken care of? how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories. on december 21st, polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space, which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd and you still need to retire, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? megyn: the farther you drive the deeper you'll have to dig into your wallet to get there. gas prices continuing their rapid climb nationwide and some economists fear they could slam the brakes
obama's re-election team. a bloomberg poll out shows mitt romney with a significant lead over the president when it comes to the critical independent voters. look at the numbers. mitt romney holding 49% of that vote right now. the president with 41%. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital editor and host of power play. gym messina sent out a campaign mailer last night, yesterday, saying the latest polls show that mitt romney is going to beat barack obama if the election is held right now. the democrats are likely to turn out for the democratic candidate, the republicans are likely to turn out for the republicans, those independent numbers matter. >> reporter: they matter a great teal especially because mitt romney is running behind the level he should among conservative independents. mitt romney has room to grow, as far as the independent vote goes, because as we talk about independents go across the political spectrum, there are liberal independents, and conservative independents, mitt romney if he were to become the republican nominee would improve his number among independ
romney have talked. he may in fact be the king-maker. if rick santorum's stays in this race and pursues mitt romney all the way to the bitter end, gingrich may be the guy that can put romney over the top. alisyn: that is curious theory, chris. some people speculated he might team up more with santorum because of all the bad blood already expressed between romney and gingrich. is it likely that he would come out and endorse romney after everything he already said on the campaign trail about him? >> i suspect he will. it got pretty ugly there for a minute, especially down in florida and some other places. while santorum has kept up the blistering attacks on romney, gingrich shifted to a new tone. it is very clear and we know today in a radio interview up in wisconsin he essentially said that romney would get to the 114 delegates he will need to clinch the nomination outright and gingrich cast his role helping hill to earn it. that he needs to do this. so i have very little expectations that we would see anything like a real bitter end battle by gingrich especially since he can't really mo
to do with the fact that this could be mitt romney's biggest night of the process. i'm sure the president isn't even aware. megyn: total coincidence. >> reporter: total coincidence. megyn: didn't this happen before when he tried to schedule the big spaoefpl on the night o speech on the night of the debate. >> reporter: john boehner said actually i'm going to be watching the republican debate that night, we can't do it then. megyn: a news conference he can do what he wants to do and he plans on doing it today in a matter of moments. what is he trying to do get on record on the issues that we'll be hear from the g.o.p. candidates on tonight. >> reporter: he's trying to split the headline. he wants in your local paper tomorrow to split the headline with mitt romney. doesn't want mitt romney to have a headline that says, romney wins, yeah, mitt romney. he wants a headline to say romney wins, obama talks about po*r -- threatens to blow something up or give saw money. megyn: is president obama getting worried about the gop field? the conventional wisdom is, it stings, it's a mess,
will president obama. >>> well, mitt romney is criticizing the president for apologizing to former questions. in if three minutessings we'll show you how governor romney is taking that a step further. >>> don't blame the little ones, how some aggressive parents are once again to blame for trampling peter cottontail. and a new york-based advertiser facing a backlash after deciding to keep his ads on rush limbaugh's radio show. why he says he is now being targeted by, quote, terrorists for sticking to his guns. >> we plead for you a couple of audio sound bites from an advertiser of this program in new york city, a guy by the name of mark stephens, and he pointed out that he's being hit by a coordinated attack that he calls terrorism. not angry consumers, but he thinks that this is a coordinated attack. ave two car we're going to have you taste. the first one we're going to call x. go ahead and take a sip, and then let me know what the baby thinks of it. four million drivers switched to this car insurance last year. oh, she likes it babies' palates are very sensitive so she's probably tasting t
are now learning what rick santorum and mitt romney chose in a somewhat related story for their secret service code names. gq revealed that mitt romney chose jabblin that, happens to be the name of a car built by amc, the car company once run by his father, george, rick santorum paid tribute to his family by picking petrus, he told fox news he chose it because it's latin for peter in honor of his grandfather, pietro, it also means rock. what would you choose? what would your secret service code name be? we're taking your thoughts on t follow me, twitter, megyn kelly. you stick with fox news channel all evening as we bring you the latest results from illinois, along with all the latest headlines from the campaign trail. >> we also have new questions today in connection with the botched gun running sting known as operation fast & furious -- furious, attorney general aireld holder and the doj releasing thousands of new documents on friday in connection with this investigation. this happens on friday! these so called document dumps they give to the congress. but that is far short of the in
. megyn: this got started because romney's campaign advisor talked about an etch-a-sketch in terms of his candidate romney. what rick santorum did that you say is the political liability is to suggest that he mitt romney is less electable than barack obama or equal to barack obama when it comes to electability. >> a couple weeks ago he was on msnbc. he said there was little difference between obama and romney. that was taking it pretty far. he took it the next step saying america might be better off if obama remained in office rather than replacing him with this etch-a-sketch rom any. they don't like the idea of having one of their contenders not being a good replacement for the others. santorum tried to walk it back and said he would never vote for barack obama. but he's having a hard time staying positive, staying focused and cheerful as newt gingrich would say on the campaign trail and it's starting to show. megyn: the statement rick santorum put out days very long. he writes, i would never vote for barack obama over any republican. to suggest otherwise is preposterous. this is an atte
's preventing a fair fight between rick santorum and mitt romney. you may recall gingrich had a similar message for santorum right before the south carolina primary. he's been telling him to get out for a while. but after a big win in georgia, it looks like gingrich is in it for the long haul. you can find out more on that by going to foxnews.com. >>> well, we're also keeping a close eye on the united nations today. the united states is working with five other world powers to set the stage for new nuclear talks with iran. the diplomats hoping to take a unified stance on the iranian nuclear program. in a joint statement to the international atomic energy agency tomorrow. the group includes russia and china which both blocked a previous attempt at a resolution addressing fears of iran building nuclear weapons. of course, things have changed since then with israel significantly ramping up its rhetoric about what it's going to do in response to iran's program. what does all of this mean for israel, these new talks? coming up this hour i will speak with dory gold, a former israeli ambassador to the
of the above strategy in his energy policy. mitt romney out on the campaign trail says that he would start by firing the heads of the three departments that oversee our energy policy. what do you think about that? >> reporter: the republicans have the direct opposite view, yes there is something you can do about oil and gas prices. three years ago if we'd had a dramatic let's drill for what we got in america policy you would not be in the situation we are in today. if the president turned around tomorrow morning and said, let's drill for everything we've got on our turf right now maybe that would make a difference to the price of oil. but the president has done the exact opposite. he simply said, we're going to tax the oil companies. we are going to take an extra $4 billion a year off the oil companies. that do is not explain how taxing oil more gives you lower gas and oil prices. that's where we stand. the two sides are very sharply divided. the positions are hardening on both sides. but the pressure is now very much on the president with gas still going up, a majority of the population p
in california. >>> and mitt romney taking a new line on the economy, calling out president obama for comments he has made repeatedly about saving america from another great depression. who mr. romney says really prevented that plunge. >> we have pulled the economy back from the brink. we got good news last week showing that for the first time in over a year the economy was actually growing once again. [ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not that we'd ever brag about it. turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how'd that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine top safet
the president's bailout of die troeut and he tells what he did there. and he goes after mitt romney and his opposition which is interesting in and of itself that he goes after romney, doesn't mention the other guys. i want to show the viewers a little bit much that. >> he decided to intervene. in an exchange for help the president would demand action. the bush administration had given the car companies $13 billion, and the money was now gone. megyn: and president clinton is featured prominently throughout this. that will be a big issue in this campaign, and they are already seeing this as a way to differentiate between president bush and mitt romney. >> reporter: if this movie and obama's strategy is to blame -- lay the blame for everything at negotiate bush's doorstep that is going to backfire because the american people are smart enough to know that a lot of the mindset that led to the bailout, that's been continued by the obama administration and everybody knows it. and so i think that falls flat to try to blame everything on george bush. >> reporter: the president turned the economy aro
with 30%. rick santorum behind at 29% and mitt romney right on their heels with 28%. way behind the back is ron paul trailing with 7%. there is some breaking news in the housing crisis we want to tell you about. if you're a homeowner struggling to keep up with a bank of america mortgage you may soon feel like you've won the lottery. in a deal between the banks and the feds some 200,000-oh 200,000 homeowners will see big reductions in what they owe. why does this group get a break while others -r others are struggling to pay their mortgages? why this group and not other. >> reporter: this is part of a big global settlement with the 49 state attorneys general and bank of america settled with the fha over the robo signing foreclosure deal. here is what the bank of america is telling us, that these 200,000 borrowers at the bank, a lot of them came up from countrywide as well that failed bank that bank of america bought, they could see reductions in their principal amounts of $100,000 or more. it's estimated that overall a million people could be helped in that other separate global settlemen
. mitt romney created it along with the heritage foundation. megyn: on that front, chris plante, does it help mitt romney if he' the nominee if the supreme court strikes down healthcare and takes that out for now of the debate over the election, does it help or hurt romney in a fight against president obama? >> i think it's neutral. i think it cuts both ways. the democrats trying to demonize the republican nominee because he's close to obama on one of his signature issues, it seems to me it would allow democrats who are tired of the polarizing politics of this administration and independents to gravitate more easily over to romney. he's not a radical or extremist. but he agrees with barack obama on the signature. there is something called the 10th amendment and states rights. there is difference between a state and federal program. megyn: my apologies to chris plante for the weird rep hanging behind him. it's just the window washers. president obama was criticized by republicans but given a passs by the media. [ gasping ] [ elevator bell dings, coughing continues ] [ female announcer
the romney campaign put out an e-mail saying it's mathematical impossible for him to do it. what is possible is to stop romney from getting to 1144 and rick santorum said if that happens he's prepared to go to the convention and in a floor fight he says wee win. megyn: tkra*pla from the campaign trail! john, thank you. >> you bet. megyn: the president's approval numbers just took a huge hit in a new poll and everyone is assuming it's all about gas prices and the economy. but we'll show you what other issue is suddenly costing the administration dearly with voters. >>> plus, a bizarre promotion involving the homeless. and wireless internet access you will not believe this one. trace has the story. >>> and she is one of the most -- one of the most powerful woman in the -- women in the world so why is secretary of state hillary clinton worried about women being oppressed in the united states. is this where our focus should be, and is she right? >> they want to control how we dress, they want to control how we act, they even want to control the decisions we make about our own health and our own
santorum and romney's wife do you think we are ready for a white first lady? we used to think of everything and everyone in black-and-white. same thing. i have the same observation that my friend has. it is the left that doesn't see the humanity in people, they see the surface. it's the left who sees black-and-white, male and female, gay and straight, whatever, because they groupify everybody and victimize everybody and they just don't ever see people. megyn: joining me now with reaction is bernie goldberg, a fox news analyst and journalist. thanks so much for being here. you had a very controversial take on this on o'reilly last night and it's not that far from where rush was going. tell us, why do you think that this case has received such extraordinary coverage and resulting outrage? >> reporter: i'll give you two , megyn, and they are the kind of reasons that you are really not supposed to talk about in public, even though everybody knows it's true. you don't talk about certain things in polite company, and that is that while no descent person is happy about what happened, no matter wha
's motive, but why bring up contraception at this time during an election year when as mitt romney famously said, contraception was working just fine, thank you? >> well, you know, i find it interesting when people like marc just so firmly stated the motivation of the president when i just haven't seen any evidence of that. and, um, the way that this all came up in the context of the health care law. there was a rule that was put out in terms of preventive medicine, and they had decides, you know, through the nih, i guess, that this was going to be, you know, contraception was a preventive medicine. i don't necessarily agree with that. i'm just saying this is how it went down. i don't know that it was like this plot to put contraception in the middle of the election. i think that it's fair to say, like i said, that democrats and certainly women's rights groups have tried to shift it away from abortion to contraception, that's true, but i don't think that this was done necessarily for that reason. alisyn: marc, let me play for you one second another thing that cardinal dolan said which is th
romney with women and romney does very well come faired tcompared to the other republicans with women i. think it's smart to do to hold onto this especially now that gas prices have gone up 3-cents. megyn: hold onto the women. the numbers support that the president is doing better with women than he has been doing. i want to ask you about a point that i discussed with owe rile hraoet other night, which was, could making sandra fluke, i don't know how you pronounce it quite frankly, fluke, the face of his healthcare law right now, recently, right, that's how they have touted her out, could making her the face of that hurt not only the approval of this law, but the president's approval rating? look at this split screen. pwhe signed that law we saw the little boy who was going to get healthcare coverage who didn't have it. and i think americans look at the little boy and say, that is somebody i want to help. do they look at sandra fluke and say, wait a minute, what is the healthcare law about? >> right i think in the sort term it probably head because the conversation came about sandra flu
romney, you get the sense that there is underneath all of this bravado that you hear that there is a deep concern that once the republican process finishes up and it's on, that the president is going to be in a tough spot. and certainly his job approval ratings, even though they're up from where they were in the winter time, they're not where they need them to be to be strong for re-election. megyn: chris, thank you. >> yes, ma'am. megyn: another fox news alert, this one from capitol hill. we are awaiting a senate vote on a plan to fast track the keystone xl oil pipeline, essentially taking it out of the purview of president obama's approval. as you may remember, president obama put the $7 billion project on hold pending further environmental review. republicans argue that this pipeline which would ship oil from canada would create jobs -- they're estimating 20,000 now -- and improve energy security at a time of surging gasoline prices. we're keeping a close eye on this, and later this hour a closer look at new reports that the president himself is lobbying senate democrats to reject this
coulter is a big mitt romney supporter, and she has defended others who have been criticized by newt gingrich in the past. megyn: very interesting. satirical jest. satirical jest. [laughter] thanks, trace. well, as president obama heads to oklahoma to talk about oil and gas prices, the top guys at four of the state's biggest energy firms write an open letter to president obama. one of them, former american petroleum institute chair larry nichols, and he will join us live in five minutes -- less than, actually -- to explain what changes can really lead to a break for american consumers. plus, why'd he do this? >>> and breaking news on two oklahoma landowners who fought the epa all the way to the u.s. supreme court after being fined thousands of bucks a day for building their home on wetlands. even though there's no water in sight. some happy news for them right after the break. >> no one in this country, no american taxpayer should have to go through what we've went through, you know? we all work hard, we pay our taxes, and then they turn around, and they use taxpayers' money to put y
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